The Friends Of the Doon Society (FODS) : is an organisation working actively over the last 34 years, primarily devoted to the protection and conservation of the environment, wildlife and greenery of the verdant Doon valley (250 kms north of New Delhi, India) and the areas around it. Its activities are numerous with a strong emphasis on preservation of the eco-fragile environs of the Doon valley, especially Rajaji National Park (RNP) along with the lesser Himalayan range above the valley. FODS was initially formed by five concerned citizens of Dehradun in the year 1983, mainly to stop the limestone quarrying on the hills of Mussoorie and bring to light the damage it was causing to the environment.

Current Campaings

Smart City Plans:

FODS under its Citizens Action Group forum created a Smart City initiative plan, which stimulated an intense drive during the early months of 2016, against the ecologically unsustainable Smart City proposal of the state government to take over the historical tea gardens of Dehradun. Press conferences, a “Dehradun Declaration” and a gathering of school children and eminent citizens to express their love for green areas were organized at various public areas to raise awareness . This ensured that a more people friendly and efficient plan be drawn by concerned authorities to benefit all sections of the society.

Rispana River dehradun
Rispana River Rejuvenation:

FODS latest concern is with dwindling potable water supply for the city of Dehradun . This situation has come to be due to diminishing green cover in aquafier belts that feed the two main rivers of the region and unchecked encroachment on river beds .  Dehradun’s major rivers Bindal and Rispana from whence the supply of potable water comes, have been reduced to a trickle, with huge areas of contamination and illegal occupation of river beds turning the river into a 'nala'. Data is now being gathered to assess the state of the watershed area, in the hope of restoring these before its too late.

Governing Body

Arijit Banerji retired to Dehradun after over 40 years in the corporate world. He is involved with various NGOs in Dehradun, including The Friends of the Doon Society and his special interests are the environment, rural upliftment and education.

Rajive Rekhi is a Dehradun based business man and his association with Friends of the Doon Society began  in the early years of 1990.  He is actively involved in many social activities around Dehradun and is a member of various organisations like EIL &  Masonic Lodge.

Along with four friends, Florence Pandhi created the Friends of the Doon Society in the 1980s. She has been involved with environment and civic issues since then, and is a member of the Supreme Court (of India) Monitoring Committee for Environment issues.

Retu Chatterjee has been involved in the hospitality and tourism industry for many years . Since she made Dehradun her home 15 years ago, she has devoted her time to The Friends of the Doon Society to contribute meaningfully towards the much needed environment conservation movement.

Arijit Banerji


Rajiv Rekhi

(Vice President)

Florence Pandhi

(General Secretary)

Retu Chatterjee

(Honorary Treasurer)

Our Gallery

  • To learn and earn A villager picking up an FODS toolkit
  • The Light Fantastic FODS distributes solar lanterns at our villages
  • Save our City A Citizens' Action Group press conference, 2016, to protest against the government's incompetent Smart City scheme.
  • Craft and Enterprise Village produce being sold by the makers at the Rajpur Nature Festival
  • Chat Show A village meeting conducted by Bharat Sharma, at village Daluwala Majabata
  • Chat Show A village meeting conducted by Bharat Sharma in village Teera Tongia
  • Trees-for-Doon-Happy-recipients-of-free-saplings
  • Trees for Doon Happy recipients of free saplings
    Trees for Doon Happy recipients of free saplings2

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