Events & Programs
+Nature walks

Nature walks for school students and FODS members are organized twice a year to different areas in the vicinity of the city. This helps create awareness and appreciation of our natural heritage. Nature experts are invited to highlight facets of the hills, trees, flora and fauna of the region.


In collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and other NGOs, FODS regularly initiates and participates in Seminars on key issues like natural disaster management, water harvesting, eco tourism etc.

+Film shows and talks

FODS organises Film Shows and Talks by conservation experts on relevant topics – effects of climate change, pollution control, and impending water scarcity – for all its members and school children within Dehradun.

+Participates in local fairs

FODS regularly participates in local fairs held at Welham Girls School, Ann Mary Annual Fete and Rajpur Nature Festival showcasing the products made by village women and distribute tree seedlings to promote the cause of greening the city.


FODS publishes a newsletter twice a year which carries updates of the programs carried out by the society, as well as interesting articles contributed by its members.

+Annual bird counting

FODS also participates in the annual bird counting of migratory birds at the Asan barrage. Its efforts and interest in this area has culminated in Asan barrage being declared as a Conservation Reserve.

Apart from awareness, the above programs help society and citizens to appreciate the bio-diversity of the Doon valley, sensitizing them to important environmental issues.