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The Friends Of The Doon Society (FODS) is a registered association formed in 1986 by concerned citizens of Dehradun who saw the need to be actively involved in the preservation and improvement of the eco-fragile Doon Valley. The Aims and Objectives of the Society, as set down in its Memorandum of Association, are as follows:
“To protect, cherish and enrich the natural environment of the Doon Valley specifically.”
To support activities relating to conservation and protection of the natural environment of the Earth, through:

  1. Continuous education and appropriate research
  2. Promotion of conservation of the bio-diversity and the eco-systems on a scientific basis
  3. Diffusion of knowledge on environmental issues and on natural history.
  4. Creative interaction and dialogue with the residents and relevant authorities.
  5. Undertaking specific project / programs for protection and enrichment of the environment……

In pursuance of the above Objectives, the activities of the Society shall be as follows:

  • Press for the Doon Valley to be conserved and developed with due consideration of the fact that the area is ecologically fragile and sensitive, as declared by the Government of India.
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of the Master Plans of Dehradun and the Doon Valley. Take up civic and environmental issues.
  • Demand a strict ban on turning agricultural, forest , orchard lands or tea gardens to any other purpose or building on such lands. Demand a strict ban on felling of trees in such areas.
  • Demand conservation of water resources on scientific lines and a ban on diverting water from agricultural and domestic use for industrial purposes.
  • Undertake and execute specific projects/programs on conservation of nature and wildlife, social forestry, education on environment, etc., and allied activities, under Government guidelines where applicable.
  • Support and, where necessary, insist on the implementation of the various enactments and laws of the country, and their amendments, which meet the objectives of the Society and/or are intended for the protection and conservation of the natural resources.
  • Exercise the rights of an NGO as per Government guidelines.
  • Secure the support of the Government and the Public for the above objectives.
  • Work in co-operation with other agencies and NGOs, at local, national and international levels.
FODS Projects Currently Undertaken

Trees For Doon (TFD)  The TFD project is aiding various institutions, schools, public parks in the city to plant thousands of trees. We provide expertise on type of trees and planting techniques along with free saplings.

Citizens Action Group (CAG) The CAG is an initiative to empower the ordinary citizen so that their concerns are heard.  This project interacts with the local authorities on urban issues.

Nature and Environment Awareness Programme (NEAP) NEAP is held regularly in various schools, both English and Hindi medium, in order to educate the children of the Doon Valley about its rich flora and fauna, and the need for its protection from excessive and unplanned urbanization.

Forest and Wildlife Conservation Various active measures are afoot aimed at ‘protecting the natural habitat of the endangered Asian elephant and the tiger. FODS has undertaken studies relating to pressures made by various villages sitting on the edge of RNP that pose a major threat to the ecological balance of the Park. FODS apart from earlier Gujjar Rehabilitation Schemes, has adopted a village called Rasulpur as a model, and programs are being implemented by experts to reduce the dependency of people on the forest. On successful completion of this project the same pattern will hopefully be implemented in other villages in the southern belt of the RNP.

Annual Quiz FODS  organizes an Annual School Quiz Competition in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India. The Quiz is for students of class IX, X and XI. The questions are based on wildlife and the environment. This quiz has been taking place successfully for the past six years.

Other Events And Programs
FODS  Also Organizes:
  • Nature walks for school students and FODS Members to different areas within the city or its vicinity. This helps creating awareness and appreciation of our natural heritage.
  • In collaboration with CII and other NGO’s FODS regularly initiates and participates in Seminars on key issues like Natural Disaster Management, Water Harvesting, Eco Tourism etc.
  • Interaction with the local authorities on urban issues, rights of Citizens etc.
  • Publication of a bi-annual Newsletter for circulation to Members, Institutions and interested groups, to further its aims.

Membership Eligibility: Any individual who agrees with the Aims and Objectives of the Society may apply for Membership of the Society, irrespective of the person’s place of residence.”

We expect each of our Members to be actively involved in the pursuance of the Society’s Aims and Objectives and to make a significant contribution to this dynamic movement. The Friends of the Doon Society provides a forum for meaningful interaction on vitally important concerns related to our fragile eco-system. It provides the opportunity for an exchange of views among like-minded people; exciting new ideas and initiatives are discussed-and are often adopted as a work plan.

In order for us to identify your interests and to assign you to a project, we would request that you carefully consider, and then indicate the area or areas in which you wish to take active part.

Please note that Members will be required to give their time regularly to their chosen field.

The Friends Of The Doon Society would welcome Members in any of the following categories:

  1. Life Member               –          Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand Rupees only)
  2.  Annual Member         –          Rs.500/- (Five Hundred Rupees only) payable each year on 1st April
  3. Institutional Member*  –        Rs.3000/-(Three Thousand Rupees only)payable each year on 1st April.

*Eligibility: Any Educational, Scientific, Social or Cultural Institution and Corporate / Industrial Organizations subscribing to the Aims and Objectives of the Society may join as an Institutional Member. The Head of the said Institution would automatically become a Member of the Society. Heads of the Institutions may nominate a member of their staff to represent them at meetings.


  • Each application is to be proposed by a member and seconded by a Managing Committee Member.
  • Application Forms, other than those from Institutions, may kindly be submitted to the Managing Committee through a member of the Managing Committee who would endorse the application.
  • Cheques are to be A/c payee, payable to “The Friends of the Doon Society”.
  • Those who wish to issue outstation cheques are requested to add an extra Rs 30/- (Thirty rupees only) as banking charges.
  • We must emphasize that it is the responsibility of Annual Members to pay their annual fee by 1st April each year.
  • Please Download and fill the Membership Application Form and we shall revert with our confirmation.
  • Membership Fees will be payable after you receive our ‘acceptance’.
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We thank you for your interest.