Rural Development

After successful completion of the Rasulpur project the same pattern is now being implemented in six other villages in the southern belt of RNP. This project was co-funded by Sir Ratan Tata Trust, and United Nations Development Program. The village project has been a huge success and is a testimony to the gradual, progressive social and economic change that can take place anywhere in rural India. Economic empowerment helps under privileged sections of society to understand the importance of environment conservation. The list of activities under the village project are numerous.

A few activities are mentioned below :
  • Skill development amongst village youth. Various vocational training programs are fully sponsored.
  • Adult education program.
  • Livestock stall feeding program and improvement in livestock health.
  • Self help groups (SHG) for village women and generation of supplementary income. *Teaching Gramin bank  principles.
  • Planting of fruit trees and kitchen gardens for self sustenance.
  • Medical camps for women and children, and veterinary camps for livestock.
  • Alternate energy sources with emphasis on solar energy, and installation of bio-gas plants.
  • Computer training was imparted to hundreds of village youths in collaboration with Pammi Nanda Foundation.
  • English speaking skills were periodically imparted to school students in the village with the help of Doon School senior boys as a part of their Social Development Program .
  • Enterprise establishment assistance was/is given in the form of one time Trade Tool Kit
  • Scholarship to deserving girls to promote the completion of their schooling and to empower them for the future.

The body of work done under Wildlife Conservation and forest protection by FODS is very extensive and the impact it has created would be hard to elaborate on this platform. However further details can be provided to Institutions upon specific request.