Forest & Wildlife

FODS is actively engaged in wildlife conservation in and around the Rajaji National Park. It regularly engages with various government agencies like the forest department, sensitizing them on the importance of giving due credence to environmental issues and wildlife safety. FODS efforts are centered on the ‘reduction of the man-wildlife conflict’ and weaning of marginalized villagers from encroaching upon the forest resources. The preservation and protection of elephant corridors from Corbett Park to Rajaji National Park has been a major concern with FODS and various government agencies.

FODS was involved in a project in collaboration with the Elephant Family of London, UK, to conserve the Asiatic elephant. It had undertaken studies relating to pressures made by various villages sitting on the edge of RNP that pose a major threat to the ecological balance of the park. It undertook a survey on the health and fodder availability for the elephants within the park.

The state government, in a scheme to relocate forest dwellers and nomadic tribes allocated land at Pathri for their dwellings and cattle rearing. FODS developed the school at Pathri with the help of Asha Trust,USA and ran a health centre with periodic health camps and veterinary services.

Rural Development

After successful completion of the Rasulpur project the same pattern is now being implemented in six other villages in the southern belt of RNP. This project was co-funded by Sir Ratan Tata Trust, and United Nations Development Program. The village project has been a huge success and is a testimony to the gradual, progressive social and economic change that can take place anywhere in rural India. Economic empowerment helps under privileged sections of society to understand the importance of environment conservation.