Trees For Doon (TFD)

The TFD project is a method chosen to introduce and promote more greenery to the Doon valley. Planting trees is FODS’ major obsession, having planted upwards of 20,000 saplings in and around Dehradun over the years.

Every year during the favourable seasons of monsoon and autumn FODS provides hundreds of trees to Institutions, Schools, Resident Welfare Associations, and citizens ‘free of cost’ and also assists with advice on the choice of trees and detailed planting techniques. FODS encourages nearby school and public participation during plantation as it gives a sense of pride to caring citizens. FODS only expects an undertaking that all recipients will nurture and protect the trees. We also undertake a periodic inspection (in October and March) of the plantations to ensure their proper growth and care, and replenishes any casualty when necessary. This project is generally supervised by senior members of the society who are experts in the flora and fauna of the region with local volunteers. We always wish that more youngsters volunteer during the month of July when plantations are at peak.


FODS has had huge successes in greening national institutions like the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP); National Defense and Research Institute (DEAL); major schools like Welham Girls, Welham Boys, Moravian Institute, Central Schools, Selakui School, Hope Town School, Jhajra Area under partnership with Ann Mary School and many more; all of this contributing positively to a better, cleaner and greener environment.