Who We Help
Village Women:
  • Adult Literacy Classes are regularly held
  • Creating of Self Help Groups (SHG)
  • Development of skills to enable supplementary income generation eg : knitting and stitching, masala making, fruit preservation, pickle making, masonry skills
  • Awareness Classes are regularly held on Banking procedures, Personal Hygiene, and nutritional tips
  • Regular medical camps are held with special focus on women health
Village Girl Child :

Scholarships :Through a corpus fund available to us, FODS provides support to deserving students- mostly girls who wish to pursue higher education. We provide for the school fees (directly remitted to the school or college), course material and school uniform. FODS monitors the progress of sponsored children every six months, and on the basis of each student’s performance the scholarship is continued for the following year. FODS lays great emphasis on the future and education of girls in the village scenario. All of them are encouraged to pursue higher education and independent careers – a radically different way of life is opened up to girls who formerly were drudges for every conceivable chore.

Village Youth :
  • Skill Development and Vocational Training is imparted at recognized institutes around Dehradun and Haridwar eg Driving Courses, Welding, Carpentary, Poultry Farming, Mobile Repairing, Floriculture, Animal Husbandry
  • Alternate Livelihood options are provided by experts and the first set of Trade Tools are donated.